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Digital brand strategy for Web and Social with Snaps

Gearing up for a product launch in collaboration with a slew of international brands, New Engen partnered with Snaps to develop a comprehensive and scalable digital brand system and e-commerce experience. Leading the design team to craft a device-agnostic web redesign, our team enabled Snaps to go to market on firm footing to market their products and develop exclusive partnership deals with the NBA, PGA, NFL, and other national sports organizations.

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1 month
Snaps digital mockups

Web Experience

Entering the hyper-competitive professional sports and entertainment environment with a new product is a challenging proposition. The market is as diverse as it is judgmental and critical, with well-established competition gobbling up the market through endorsements and pervasive brand awareness.

Our partnership with the Snaps team aimed to enable current and future success across varied arenas, partnerships, and channels through edgy brand expression and scalable digital execution.

  • Implement a rebranding effort for Snaps across their e-commerce platform and social campaigns.
  • Craft a digital toolkit to empower cohesive brand execution in web properties, social ads, and content production.
  • Act in a consultative role in engineering and development execution for a streamlined, conversion-focused e-commerce experience.


Our dominant focus with Snaps was centered around their bottom-of-funnel e-commerce experience, driving brand recognition, usability, accessibility, and content strategy.

Brand Execution

Emerging from a recent rebranding effort, Snaps needed a comprehensive style guide to manage future digital evolution and ad creation.

  • Color and typography system for dead-simple implementation with web tokens and variables.
  • Copy and brand voice documentation for use in product descriptions, website copy, and ad copy.
  • Art direction, strategy, and shot lists for future content production.

The Snaps brand is innovative and fresh, with goals of being recognized and respected on a global scale. Activism, culture, individuality, and inclusivity are at the core of the Snaps brand guidelines, executed through partnerships in and out of the arena.

Taking inspiration from brands like New Era, Mitchell & Ness, and targeting the sweet spot between Millennials and Gen Z, Snaps focus is on authenticity, realism, and change.

Market Research

Our team leveraged market research performed by the Snaps team prior to our engagement to better understand the current state of the Snaps consumer and how they would expect to interact with the brand.

  • 51% of the target demographic is born female
  • 45% is non-white
  • Collective over community
  • Tribe over family
  • Authenticity over popularity

We used these principles and heuristics to guide our ideation, strategy, and execution to deliver a holistic experience for bottom-of-funnel customers and present a creative game plan for mid and top-funnel markets.

Tangible deliverables are one thing for a disruptive new brand in a well-established market, but the broader benefit of our engagement with the Snaps team stemmed from a collaborative method of consulting and problem solving to determine market fit and future growth strategies.
International Partnerships

Clear digital brand documentation enabled official license agreements with brands outside of the NBA; including the NFL, Golf (PGA), and the Snaps Originals line.

Foundation for an Original Voice

Empowered the snaps team to develop original content for new product lines, market segments, and broader retail offerings.

Successful Go-To-Market Strategy

Entering a saturated market, Snaps was set up for successful market differentiation, a scalable design system, and room to grow.