Photo of Jory Tindall

Orcas Center 2023 Fundraising Gala

July 30th, 2023 at Friday Harbor

Coming out of our pandemic hiatus gave us pause to reflect on how we have transformed, and how we create, contribute and thrive as a community and in our community. That inspired our theme and the focus of our event north star.

At Orcas Center, the orbit of our universe is to create beauty itself, and to explore that creation through a variety of means supporting the artists the art form and the community.

Here, powerful things are imagined and brought to life:

The medium of art becomes a means of communication, the agency of the artist represents a desire to connect and be connected, and the public canvas of place — Orcas Center — is the means of delivery; it’s where it all happens.

A universe unto itself, what happens here holds the essence of our ability to create and connect as humans: belonging, meaning, emotion, empathy, expression, devotion; these are the gifts we bear.

In 2023, the Orcas Center gala intends to honor the bounty of variety: media and medium, the depth of tradition that binds art to artist, and the beauty of these in union.

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