pH Factor Plays the Music of Mat Montgomery

Mat Montgomery

pH Factor Plays the Music of Mat Montgomery

I’ve been playing with the pH Factor Big Band for the last several years. This band performs some of the most interesting music to be written for jazz big band, including composers like Torsten Maaß, Maria Schneider, Jim McNeely, and many others.

For years we’ve been rehearsing and performing music composed by a trumpeter in the band Mat Montgomery. He has an incredibly unique compositional style which makes use of aleatoric sequences, multi-phonics, dense harmonies, and generally just interesting applications of big band instrumentation. His music crosses genres, and while written in the jazz idiom, delves into rock music, contemporary classical, avant-garde, and everything in between.

The pH Factor just finished recording an album full of Mat’s music, which you can find here, as well as on iTunes and Spotify. If you like the music (and why wouldn’t you!), you can buy it from Dapper Page Music which is Mat’s publishing company, as well as JW Pepper.

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