Coming Soon – Hype Creative Studios

Clifford Brown, Study In Brown

Coming Soon – Hype Creative Studios

Over the past several months I’ve been working on launching a new and modern music publishing and distribution platform called Hype Creative Studios. I’ve noticed a pretty massive void in the music publishing space with publishers like Hal Leonard, Alfred, and other traditional print publishers for a number of reasons.

These publishers do have digital distribution platforms, but often times they’re cumbersome and don’t provide the kind of top quality content that I think is necessary for advancing musicians. These types of massive publishers routinely release and cling to blatantly poor quality content (at least in the jazz and improvised music idiom). Many books that focus on jazz, including books with transcriptions and chord changes contain an incredibly high percentage of mistakes; for example, the Charlie Parker Omnibook (published by Hal Leonard) contains so many mistakes that it could actually be seen as hurting jazz education.

Hype Creative Studios is aimed at producing the highest quality content with a direct-to-consumer digital download model that will provide instant access to a potentially massive collection of solo transcriptions, charts, educational resources, and pedagogical material.

The motivation behind launching this platform stems from the fact that many jazz musicians have large stockpiles of content that they’ve produced for their own self-improvement purposes over the years. Why not use these products that we’ve put the work into and contribute to a larger jazz education audience around the world through digital means?

Hence: Hype Creative Studios was born and with a handful of interested contributors and content creators in the music and jazz education field.

The Hype Creative Studios website isn’t live yet, but if you’re interested in keeping up to date on the project visit (or do it below) and sign up for the newsletter!

If you subscribe from the HCS website or using the form below you’ll receive a sample of the first publication planned for the launch; a sample from The Contextual Improvisation Series book of Clifford Brown transcriptions from the album Study In Brown. Sign up and keep in touch!

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