A respected teacher and educator in the Pacific Northwest, Jory maintains a studio of students, works with small and large ensembles, and presents a variety of workshops ranging from general music to jazz improvisation.

Jory provides specifically catered instruction to each student with special care given to balancing skills and weaknesses. Each lesson is approached from the perspective of building upon musicality and and creativity by pairing fundamental exercises and technical advancement with critical analysis.



Fun, creative, and collaborative, my students grow not just as musicians through private lessons, but as responsible problem solvers with the skills to take on anything in life.

I know from personal experience and from a life of playing music that the path of a professional musician and educator is not for everyone. However, the skills you learn as a student of music performing in different ensembles with other like-minded students and as a soloist, are skills that benefit your life as a problem solver and creative thinking for whatever career path you choose. Many creative thinkers across a variety of industries grew up, or still do play and perform music; including Paul Allen, Mark Twain, Neil Armstrong, Albert Einstein, and many others.

The approach that I take with my students is one of fostering creativity and exploring different interests and insights through a musical medium. While strong fundamentals and theoretical knowledge of music are important to being successful, these aspects on the what of music. With my students I try to incorporate the why of music; why is this technical passage challenging, why does this particular chord sound good, why is this note more out of tune than the rest. It’s this critical analysis of the why that my students are able to find pervasive interest, and more importantly, fun while learning and playing music.

Music education is a collaborative and sometimes undefined environment. Each student has specific strengths and weaknesses as well as specific interests and goals that they want to achieve through lessons, whether it be auditioning for the jazz band, or getting the first chair in their section. I formulate my lesson plans around these ideals to help students achieve their musical aspirations and have fun doing it.

Benefits of Studying with Jory

  • Personalized lesson plans and handouts specifically catered to each student
  • One-on-one teaching format with each student
  • Fun, open, and welcoming environment
  • Recommended by band teachers across the Pacific Northwest
  • Personalized weekly lesson follow-ups that include additional resources, sheet music, practice recommendations and strategies, and everything you need to progress outside of the classroom.
  • Coming Soon: Online learning platform for students to learn about additional topics and further their education outside of the classroom. Including tests on common musical subjects, playing tests, instructional videos, and more!

Interested in taking lessons?

I’m currently accepting new saxophone, clarinet, flute, and jazz students for the 2017 – 2018 school year! All ages and skill levels accepted. Get in touch and we’ll get something scheduled on the books.